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Welcome to TDM All Smiles Dental

Providing patients with "An Easier than You Thought" dental experience

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TDM All Smiles Dental Jamaica

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To provide our patients with exceptional dental health treatment in a comfortable and caring environment that fosters the development of lifelong relationships



To create a patient-centered environment, emphasizing quality and affordability in dental treatment, as well as promoting dental health through education, ultimately producing SMILE AMBASSADORS

Our Core Values

Create Positive Lasting Impressions


Provide an “Easier than you thought” Experience


Build Honest and Open relationships


Always Educate & Inform


Say it with a Smile & Respect everyone


Keep learning, Keep growing


Our Team

A company is only as strong as the team behind it.
Meet our team and find out why we're passionate about what we do.

Our Services

All Smiles Dental Care offers all our patients comprehensive dental care that includes general , cosmetic ,and preventative dental procedures , as well as Specialist referrals Prior to and during all procedures, patients are advised of any discomfort or complications which may arise, allowing them to be less anxious and make better treatment decisions.

General Dental Procedures

• Dental Examination

• Cleanings

• Composite Fillings

• X- Rays

• Extractions

• Dentures

•  Root Canal Treatment

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

•  Porcelain Veneers

• Crowns

• Fixed Bridges

• Restoration of Implants

• Teeth Whitening

Preventative Dental Procedures

•  Fluoride treatment

• Sealants

• Oral Hygiene Instructions

Specialist Referrals

•  Orthodontics

• Oral Surgery

• Endodontics

• Periodontics

Dr. Francis hard at work with patient



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Cosmetic Work:


Oral Surgery:



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Mints Anyone?

by TDM All Smiles Dental Care

How many times have you been asked this or asked this question yourself? Most times it’s just to get rid of that slightly off taste after a meal or none at all. If it’s too often then it may be time to visit the dentist.

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Why Fear the dentist

by TDM All Smiles Dental Care

Jordana awakened by tooth ache and the thought of going to the dentist intensified the pain even more as she thought to herself “me nuh like dentist! Her thoughts echoed that of many persons whenever the topic of oral health is brought up. A visit to the dentist is high on the fear factor scale for most persons and Jordana, having never visited to the dentist, had only heard of her Cousin John, who claimed he had a bad experience, and feared the sight the of the dental chair. So like Jordana, persons become fearful and avoid as much as possible visiting the dentist. Over the years fear of” the Dentist “has been passed on from generation to generation, a major factor being fear of the unknown, lack of information on dental care and procedures.

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Replacing Missing Teeth.

by TDM All Smiles Dental Care

“Boy doc mi teet dem deh one ,one all over di place and me need fi fix dem fi me daughter wedding next month”. This is a request I have heard so many times throughout my career as a dentist.

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All Smiles Dental Care
17 Holborn Road Unit 1a Kingston 10. Jamaica W.I.

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E-mail: lyndental@gmail.com

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